What Now For Property Investing?

You might be sat here wondering the same thing we have heard from others online and in our meetings:

What now for property investing?

Right now, we are slowly starting to breakthrough this unprecedented time which has been Covid-19, we are starting to see the small strains of normality within the property industry,  such as the property market open up with Estate Agents and valuers returning to work, we are able to purchase the much needed materials for our refurbs with the builders merchants being allowed to do what they do in helping us to deliver high spec refurbishments and new and old property builds, and all too soon we shall start to see the influx of new properties being uploaded onto the right channels, auction houses becoming busier  and the property market will be regenerating and and their will be more and more opportunities for investors to purchase with great returns.

How has lockdown been for you?

Here at Key Properties Uk, the lockdown has, like a lot of industries, had us ground to a halt with our refurbs due to the lack of stock available, staff furloughed and non essential travel causing delays. But the lockdown has also been good for us, we have been able to sit back, purchase more properties and gather our intellect on present and possible future opportunities, clear and detailed pricing, plans and meeting with both old and new investors who are ready and eager to make their money work for them in the short and long run investment journey.

You see, we have done all of the leg work in setting our pipeline with new opportunities before we went into lockdown, doing the research with our in-depth local property search into the pricing, checking the ROI’s and ROCE’s of all our properties, viewings and ensuring that there is always a solid exit strategy that delivers a good yield on every property investment, so that anyone who invests with us knows they are making their money work for them. We know that transparency is vital for building great relationships and building the trust that has enabled us to work with the same investors time and time again. 

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How will Covid-19 affect the economy and the property market?

A lot of questions we have been asked is how will Covid- 19 affect the economy and property market?

I guess the simple answer is that although everything is on ‘pause’ there really has been zero impact on property so far, and a whole lot of speculation as to what there might be.

There will always be demand for properties, there will always be people wanting to move homes and there will always be investors waiting for that next ideal opportunity, regardless of the media hype that predicts the timing of the property markets, rather than looking at the long term fundamentals of property purchasing and reselling or renting.

Over the past 10 years there has been so many ‘financial crisis’ factors that could have lead to a down turn in to the property investment industry, take 2009 for example when the market started to positive after the 2007 financial recession, the media and masses were screaming out “you will never make money from property”, but what turned out to be the very best time to buy. Then we have Brexit, the election, cover -19 and all of the holidays in between where we are told is not a good time to invest, such as Christmas, and New Year, which actually turned out to be a highly profitable time for us and our investors!

I think it would be fair to say that property investing is about knowing the property market, having the confidence to invest your money and not basing it on time factors, the fear basis of the media and masses, and trusting that actually, the UK economy and that of the Uk property market are strong arms in investments and as long as there are houses to buy and rent and investors willing to put their money into the assets in researched  locations where they will sell or rent well or to retain for a longer term growth in value, then when would there be a better time to invest?

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