Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Dear Eva, we have created this space for you to view our property and any other docs you may need...

Glyncollen Crescent

This one is listed for £59k but available for £71k to take it off market now, if it goes to the room it will go for far more.  It is listed at £59k but we view hundreds and hundreds of properties that we can get BMV and none make the returns this one does.  Listing link below contains photo's.

3 Bed Semi Detached

A fantastic buy to let or flip opportunity available in Swansea that we have secured for £71,000.


£125k - £130k


52% - 99%


£22,000 - £27,000

Money Left In

£4,250 - £8,000

Months To 100% Return

12 - 23 Months

If you've never seen our calculations sheet before please click through to the investor information page that gives a full walk through of it and much more besides

The Refurb

This property requires a major refurbishment totalling £2​1,804 (including £2k contingency)

You will see on the itemised listing in the spreadsheet above that we have allocated monies for a Japanese Knotweed Management Programme.  This is the level of treatment required to make this property mortgageable.

The interior will be fresh and new, new kitchen, new bathroom, freshly painted walls and floors.

Our refurbishments are to the highest standards and oftentimes come with our unique 12 month warranty on works completed.

Sale Comparables

Rental Comparables

Rental comparables available for the area now showing a £650pcm valuation:

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