Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Dear Nana & Emelie, we have created this space for you to view our property and any other docs you may need...

45 Clare Street

  • It is under auction conditions so 10% deposit, complete within 28 days.

  • It's refurbished already so no time will be lost before making money.

  • It sold for £135k already but the buyer pulled out as his solicitor didn't like there being a mine shaft in next doors garden 7m away... It did pass mortgage checks and has passed with our mortgage advisor too but they got edgy and pulled out.

  • The developer got desperate and put it onto Auction for £110k guide but willing to sell now at £120k.

  • We've got him down to £100k.

  • In short it's a £135k house already refurbished for £100k that can cash flow almost immediately.

  • It will rent for around £650 / month.  

  • With everything including sourcing fee it'll return a 19% Flip profit and there's no time to wait before putting it back on the market.

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