Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Dear Nikesh, we have created this space for you to view our property and any other docs you ma​​​​​y need...

Mill Street

A fantastic buy to let or flip opportunity available in Swansea that we have almost secured for £90,000


£170k - £180k


59% - 84%


£29k - £33k

Money Left In

£9k - £13k

Months To 100% Return

14 - 20 Months

If you've never seen our calculations sheet before please click through to the investor information page that gives a full walk through of it and much more besides

The Refurb

As you've seen the property needs an extensive refurb to include the splitting of services, full rewire, heating systems, and a lot more.  I have allocated £2,000 for planning costs under "Other Interior".

The team will take a lot of the property back to brick, fit new walling for the flat upstairs and more besides.

Sale Comparables

Flats are the hardest thing in property to compare as they're often kept for long periods by landlords so rarely sell.

Your property is 131sqm in total so we are looking at two 65sqm dwellings which is larger than many two bed houses, and they come with gardens.

We have had to go back in time further than we would like to and further geographically then we normally would for comparables in both sales and rentals.

The valuation we have come to is more than reasonable given the size of dwelling, location and garden space.

Rental Comparables

Rental comparables available for the area now showing a £550 pcm valuation:

Some Of Our Other Properties

To see data on Swansea, how our calculations are done and more, please feel free visit the investor information page by clicking below for step by step walkthroughs, videos and guidance.