Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Dear Ray And Frankie, Thank you for meeting us last week.

We have viewed a fair number of properties since we met, Meirion has completed over 20 (bear in mind that we don't view most properties because we size them up before viewing).

The house that we had in mind for you was a management property which means that it is effectively an auction, if you make a bid and it is accepted then it remains on the market until contracts are exchanged.  If someone were to make a larger offer during that period the whole process would start again, it's not a stable way to bid unless one is aggressive and able to move quickly, maybe a strategy for further down the line.

I have also attended auctions and the market is incredibly buoyant, many properties going way above the guide price, but it's not that, it's the nuances.  The experienced, battle hardened, knowledgable investors fist pumping and giving their partners high fives when they win a property way above what I would deem a reasonable price and certainly way above the guide price says a lot to me about where they think the market is going.

What we do have however is a property available now that was sold when we spoke, it's 25 Fern Street in Swansea.  It was the property that I kept referring to in our meeting as its numbers are very good.

The investor was going to purchase it with a mortgage and flip it until he found out the mortgage exit fees for selling too soon.  He pulled out, we have kept none of his deposit money and the property is available again.

It's not the prettiest thing in the world but it is a fantastic BTL opportunity, right in a busy zone of Swansea with off-road parking and all the benefits of being in the right area.

We want to offer it to you first because you're one of the few that made the effort to meet us and build that relationship together.

Below you will find a link to your own spreadsheet on our Google Drive which you can download in Excel format if you wish, all the data is on it, a walkthrough video is below.

A video walkthrough of our calculations spreadsheet...

You can view the property in our store and view the video for it below...

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