Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Hi Samuel, we have created this space for you to view our property and any other docs you may need...

This is a pre-auction property secured at £100k, it was initially listed for £110k after a sale fell through at £135k.

It will rent for £650 / month and needs no work doing on it whatsoever so can cash flow and be remortgaged immediately.

See conversation with broker Alison (Ali) Sanders who we can recommend you to if you would like:

Should you choose to purchase it then auction conditions apply:

The terms are that a 10% deposit is due then you have 28 days to complete.  Surveys etc are done and are all available in your Google Drive File

A video walkthrough of our calculations spreadsheet...

You can view the property in our store and view the video for it below...

Take a look at our Opportunities brochure for more information about us...