Detached Buy To Let or Flip Opportunity – Swansea


Excellent Buy To Let or Flip opportunity in a great area of Swansea with high rent yields.

Buy To Let Terraced house in Swansea in need of refurbishment and repair.

  • Purchase price £85,000
  • Refurb £29,550 – £32,505
  • Total buying costs £125,655
  • Full estimated value £19,345 – £34,345
  • Equity £22,000 – £27,000
  • 41% – 67% R.O.C.E (including sourcing fees) -Swing explained below
  • All of your money back in 17 – 28 months
  • Net cashflow after all payments £316 – £325/month
  • Ask us if you need help with mortgages / legals etc.

This requires the investor to have sufficient funds to buy the property itself, you will be required to produce valid identification and proof of funds.

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£155k - 3160kk


41% - 67%


£22,000 - £27,000

Money Left In

£5,655 - £9,405

Months To 100% Return

17 - 28 Months

The Property

We are delighted to present this investment opportunity property which is in a sought after area of Swansea where rents and prices have been increasing strongly as compared to the U.K average in recent years.

  • This area gives strong rent yields.
  • It benefits from significant investment and economic prospects.
  • It is a key strategic U.K city growing strongly.
  • It has a strong, well knit community.

The property is a 3 bed detached house in need of some refurbishment and repair works (details below), it is in a great area for rentals where we can maximise your returns.

If you owned this property for 5 years and the growth mirrored the last 5 years in that time you would have made £21,552  in Capital Appreciation which is equivalent to an extra £359/ month on top of the rental profits.

If you only owned 25% of it and the 75% was mortgaged you'd still have kept 100% of the increased value.

Data from Zoopla below:

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Property Address: Swansea

Property Type: 3 Bed Semi Detached

Number of bedrooms: 3

Reception Rooms: 1

Bath/Shower rooms: 1

Agreed Sale Price: £85,000

Fair Market Value: £155,000 - £160,000

Sale And Rental Comparables:

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Market Status: Quick sale

Reason for sale: Not stated

Any issues?  Full refurbishment required, multiple options available, to be discussed.

Price negotiable? No

Property Type: Detached

Freehold or Leasehold: Freehold

Exit Strategy 1: BTL

Exit Strategy 2: Flip

Exit Strategy 3: Capital Appreciation

Target Demographic: Investor for high yields

​Refurbishments Required

The property requires a cosmetic refurbishment in that it needs a new kitchen, bathroom, walls, floors, doors and fittings as well as a knotweed management plan.

Refurbishment costs:  £29,550 - £32,505

Exit Strategy BTL (Buy To Let)

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Notes On The Varying Returns

The estimated full value of this property is within a range for this property in refurbished condition.

The refurb contains a 10% contingency fund.

The range of potential returns are between a worst and best case scenario.

We expect to achieve towards the top end of our expectations on this property.

The Opportunity Area

This is an opportunity designed for a specific market - rents in Swansea.  

Properties in Swansea have risen well over the last 20 years and have the potential to balloon if the new tidal lagoon project to power much of the UK is granted the go ahead making Swansea a central hub of UK power production.

Regardless of that project, house prices in Swansea have held their value well during recent times and are likely to rise over time.

Our Fees:

Consultancy Fee - £2,997 (Deposit £997)

To secure this fantastic opportunity today please call or email on the details below or pay the deposit by clicking the buy now button at the top of this page:

Meirion Jones – Director
M: 07827 227886

Martin Howard – Director
M: 07851 873995


The information contained in this presentation is an overview of the property and investment available. Please note at this stage it is within non-disclosure status.

In order to secure the investment opportunity a £997 non-refundable deposit (unless there is an issue with the property or the vendor) is required, along with ID and proof of funds.

Please note that if you as the investor decide to pull out of the deal at any time the non-refundable deposit will remain with Life Size Property Ltd, unless there is a change of circumstance with the vendor and out of our control (Should this situation occur, Life Size Property Ltd shall refund the deposit minus £200 covering our administration and time).

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