How To Do Property Viewings & Movings During COVID-19

How to do property viewings and movings during Covid 19 has been a huge question on people's lips during this time of craziness! It is fair to say that it has certainly left a lot of uncertainty amongst tenants, home buyers, Landlords, investors and letting agents.

Where there is a will, there is a way around everything!

Whilst England has been given the go ahead on the 13th May 2020 to ease restrictions on the property market in England, we see that Wales, Scotland and Ireland are still in transition period of virtual viewings only, and permissions for moving only if the property is vacant.

In Wales the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020) state people can move house but only where the move cannot be postponed.

The Government has amended the coronavirus (Covid-19) regulations to make it clear to people who wish to move home can do so, as long as the property is vacant, so shared accomodation is still a no no.

In England the green light has now been given to Estate Agents to visit homes for photos, videos and viewings and removal companies are back in action. But In Wales, we are still waiting with bated breath for the government to give us the go ahead so that we can continue with the much needed supply and demand of homes.

​So whilst life is slowing beginning to return to whatever normal will now be, we have some great tips to help you with viewings and moving, which you will find here

As a landlord or agent it is important that you avoid exposing yourself or your tenants to risk. Therefore if you must see your tenants or property, you should contact your tenants and find out if any of them fall into the high risk categories or are experiencing any symptoms before making the decision to visit.

21 point property assessment checklist:

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Minimising Health Risks during Property Viewings

To minimise the health risks to yourself, investors, lords, agents, tenants or prospective tenants ask yourself...

“Is my viewing essential?”

Here at Key Properties UK, with many of our investors being overseas or living in other parts of Uk, we very often view the properties and do a video run through which then gets evaluated and pasted over to the relevant interested investor, however for investors or people looking to move into vacant home, the following is our own protocol on following the government health guidelines on social distancing and health measure:

How to protect yourself and thers during viewings

Here is what we have been dong whilst conducting viewings for our rental and sales properties, whilst we make sure that everyone is booked in appropriate time slots per person, as well as  following the social distancing rules, here are some great tips that we have been using to keep viewings flowing:

  • Ensuring that both ourselves and the tenants/prospective buyers do not fall into the high risk category or experiencing any symptoms of the virus
  • We give tenants/prospective buyers the option of having a video link walk through 
  • Asking tenants if they would consider their own use of PPE during the visit - facemask, gloves etc
  • We meet the tenants outside of the property following the 2 meters social distancing rules to chat
  • We provide hand sanitizer, multi surface wipes for anywhere that they touch - door handles etc, but try to limit this to a minimum
  • We allow a walk through of the property, having left all doors etc open to view easily
  • We then meet outside to discuss following the social distancing or conduct the call on the phone later
  • All paperwork is sent electronically for viewing and signatures

Alternatively, we have also conducted video calls with prospective tenants and walked them through the property via video which we have found to be very useful.

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