Example Refurb Projects

Transforming run down, worn out properties into beautiful homes is what we do best.

We pride ourselves in having 100's of properties that we have transformed so far from run down, tired and unlivable into new and lovely family and professional homes, so we have put this page together to showcase the wonderful work that happens with our own in-house dedicated refurb teams who turn these properties around in a short time frame of 6 - 8 weeks, creating high returns for our investors every time.

We have been able to deliver high returns for our investors at 20%+ ROI and 40%+ ROCE through the work completed by our very own dedicated refurb teams. All our works our completed in house and to budget, I am sure you will agree they look incredible. 

All of our properties go through a stringent process so that we know exactly what is needed, with contingency plans in place to cover unexpected items.

All of our refurbs and development projects are completed to cost that we set out out and to the highest of standards.

If you would like to find out more about our systems and processes of property sourcing, refurbs and developments, please get in touch by filling in the form below.

“Immaculate newly refurbished property”

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Examples Of Our Refurb Properties Projects...

You can view our development projects by clicking the button below.

From Old Dentist to 3 bedroom home

This property was originally and old dentist practice in Swansea which we transformed into a new 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom stunning home. This property went on the market the end of last week and less then one week later we have full viewings.

This video is the walkthrough from beginning rip out and refurb.

This is the back bedroom which was originally the treatment room.

The Soon to be kitchen...

This upstairs bathroom became a shower room, a cupboard to house the boiler and another bedroom...

The soon to be bathroom and hallway leading to the back door...

3 bedroom house in Ogmore Vale

From beginning to completion of this 3 bedroom home in Ogmore Vale. This property rented out within 2 weeks of completion.

This backroom that you see here became sectioned off with a new wall to become the hallway and utility room and the bathroom. Whilst this middle room then became the kitchen leading from the alcove into the lounge.

This was originally the upstairs bathroom that has been made into a new bedroom, a great addition to the house.

3 bedroom house in Ogmore Vale

From beginning to completion of this 3 bedroom home in Ogmore Vale. This property rented out within 2 weeks of completion.

Swansea 2, 1 bathroom terrace which became a 3 bed, 2 bathroom home.

This has to be one of our favourite parts of this line of work, is watching old run down, back to brick houses become transformed into some beautiful. This house was a great pleasure to watch being transformed into a lovely that home sold on the market and made the invester a very nice ROI.

This was one open room with a back door that soon became a bathroom and hallway.

Before & during refurb

Before & during refurb 

A beautiful refurb transformation, I think you would agree.

Before & during refurb

After refurb

Before refurb

Before & during refurb

After refurb

Before & during refurb transformation.

Before & after refurb transformation.

Before & after refurb ​

This was an old bathroom that was transformed into a beautiful bedroom.

AirBnB unit

This airb&b unit we sourced and repainted and refurnished in the heart of Cardiff overlooking the stadium.

2 Bedroom House Swansea

Before refurb

After refurb 

Completed refurb transformation.

Examples of our projects numbers and returns.

You can view more of our property showcase projects by clicking the button. We do love to be transparent in all of our workings, so that you always know that what you get with us is clear and our numbers are always spot on.


Example Properties

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