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We rent properties at full market value for our esteemed corporate clients, handle all the maintenance and keep them clean and tidy.
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What Is Guaranteed Rental Income?

How can you guarantee rental income from your property for the next few years?

At Life Size Property we have a mandate from our corporate customers to provide their high level staff with beautiful, homely places to stay when they're working away.  Many of these are high level business leaders but they can also be IT professionals, Accountants and sometimes even construction staff.  

To service this need we rent properties from private landlords for a minimum of 1 year if the property is in great condition, or up to a maximum of 6 years; if we need to refurbish the interior of the property at the beginning to the level of class and sophistication that our clients desire.  We take properties both in upmarket and down-market areas of towns, cities and rural areas.

Once we have taken control of a property we pay full rent rates as any normal tenant would for the period of the agreement and manage the property.  You would have no maintenance, no bills such as council tax, no tenant issues, we would handle everything, all you would need to do is collect your cheque every month.


Due to increased demands we are now looking for property to rent and we would like to offer you

Guaranteed Rent With 0 Agency Fees

Life Size Property is a management and investment company. We work with local businesses, hospitals and more to help house their professional employees and doctors (who do twelve to twenty-four month rotations). We are urgently looking for properties to rent on a long-term basis.

Other benefits we can offer you and your property:

•Free refurbishment to the property

•Rent paid fast (2 to 3 weeks)

•Long agreements (1-5 years)

•Property maintained to highest standard

•Monthly inspections

•All maintenance costs covered

•Guaranteed rent every month

•0% agency fees

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