About Key Properties Uk

Our partners always receive the best possible service, yields and returns

We always work to very high standards to maximise the value of the properties that we work on.  Our investors can be confident that we will achieve top of the market valuations on our properties, allowing them to mortgage or re-mortgage on a buy to let basis and withdraw 75% of the value of the property.  This can often leave their investment total at a very low level meaning their Return On Capital Employed (R.O.C.E) can be up towards 100%.


Our professional and friendly teams are always on hand to help. Our approach is to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal and exceed your expectations.

We truly believe being approachable is key to building successful relationships. Our approach will build your trust and confidence and together we can achieve great results.

Martin Howard

CEO - Property Investment Consultant

Martin has over 15 years in business and 10 year experience in Digital Marketing and is in charge of leveraging the digital landscape to help source properties.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in both the digital marketing aspects of business and within the property industry.

Having built a thriving property portfolio and strong relationships with multiple investors in sourcing and turning around properties to bring great returns on investment. We have sourced over £5m in property funds.

We're great people to work with

Always high standards, always integrity, always hard work.

Let's work together

What is your property challenge?  We're waiting for it.  Our array of property strategies can overcome almost any situation.  We have teams in place to find the right solution, the investment, the management, generate the returns (Yield, R.O.C.E & Uplift in value), the refurb and much much more.