Life Size Property


Life Size Property

Dear Kalyan, we have created this space for you to view our property and any other docs you ma​​​​​y need...

2 Bed Terraced House Swansea - SA1 2LN

A fantastic buy to let or flip opportunity available in Swansea that we have secured for £70,000


£110k - £115k


56% - 149%


£21,600 - £27,000

Money Left In

£2,100 - £5,900

Months To 100% Return

8 - 21 Months

If you've never seen our calculations sheet before please click through to the investor information page that gives a full walk through of it and much more besides

The Refurb

This property requires a cosmetic refurbishment totalling £​14k including £1,400 as a contingency.

This will include an as new interior including a new kitchen and bathroom, freshly painted walls and new flooring throughout.

Sale Comparables

Rental Comparables

Rental comparables available for the area now showing a £650pcm valuation:

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To see data on Swansea, how our calculations are done and more, please feel free visit the investor information page by clicking below for step by step walkthroughs, videos and guidance.