The Magic of South Wales and the Property Market

There is so much untold magic to be had within the South Wales property market and a many reasons as to why we simply love the investment opportunities and all that it brings for us and our investors, let me explain...

In recent years, the property market in South Wales has been on the up and still, despite the implication that have been bestowed upon since the outbreak of Covid 19, it is definitely clear that the property market in and around South Wales, and across Wales as a whole, will still yet continue to scale and grow upwards, simply because people still need houses, they need places to live, and when we look at the Land Registry figures for 2019 have shown us that the house prices in Wales rose more than anywhere else in the Uk throughout 2018/19. 

"Wales house prices were growing faster than UK annual rate of 1.3% in the year to January 2020" - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-house-price-index-wales-january-2020/uk-house-price-index-wales-january-2020#headline-statistics-for-january-2020

House prices in Wales rose more than anywhere else in the Uk throughout 2018/19

For us speaking in terms of sourcing and development, we have definitely seen a surge in growth within Swansea's housing market, especially since for the past almost 3 years, our extensive portfolio of properties have been focused within Swansea and the surrounding areas,  where we have had some absolute gems of high returning investments.

But there is one question that we get asked so frequently...

“What is so good about South Wales?”

Wales is on the up, the numbers are there, the signs have there for a long time, and back 7 years ago when we moved from Bournemouth to Caerphilly, Martin always said that this was the place to be, and he was right, having watched how developed each of the towns and cities have become coming into Wales, starting from Bristol, Newport and Cardiff, spreading out across the map, with their rises in technological and geographical advancements, more and more people are starting to see the opportunities of moving and being in and around south wales.

Easy access in and out of Wales opens up the door to more property investors and homeowners

Since the diversion between England & Wales that was the Severn Bridge and its tolls has now been abolished and free access to anyone wishing to come into Wales, there has been a huge boost in the property markets across Wales, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and the rest of Wales as home buyers and investors become more interested in the tantalising property market that Wales has to offer, with the delightful cheaper holiday homes near the sea. 

Take Swansea for example, a place that been affluent for us in terms of fantastically priced houses that we have been able to refurb and transform into beautiful homes that have both sold and let for a great ROI and ROCE - you can see some of our example showcases here.

Plus,  we have the ever developing transport links and the M4 corridor opening up to the bustle of businesses, such as the huge Amazon warehouse, Microsoft, LG,02 and more businesses that are opening up along the M4 corridor between London and Wales, giving rise to more jobs, more wealth being brought into these areas, but especially making it much more accessible for commuters to travel from Wales to London and all of those places in between.

Although there has been a surge in house prices throughout Wales, with particular focus along the coastal sea towns as people have been purchasing holiday homes and finding new homes as the except the cities and look for the comfort and beauty that Wales has to offer, the prices are still of exceptional value and lower than in other coastal towns in and around the UK, and with this means that people are not only buying their second homes, holidays homes or retiring, but they are looking for quieter, more tranquil places to live, away from the over populations and hustle and bustle that the bigger cities bring, somewhere that they can commute easily to work and simply have the best of both worlds.

Yet, what we have seen through our property work, and through our estates and lettings company is that people want properties that are ready to move into, they want beautiful homes that they can enjoy without the added strain  with these people who are flocking to villages and towns within South Wales, they are helping to expand and grow these rural areas through holiday stays, property purchasing and spending their money in the local shops and communities, enabling the small villages and rural coastal areas across Wales to thrive.

Wales has seen many families up and moving from cities, expats coming home and choosing the beauty, peace and tranquility that Wales has to offer them closer to home. With young people, families and professionals from London and the South alike bringing with them their visions of independent businesses such as specialist food productions, clothing and design companies, technology, marketing and web design, crafts and other such likes that means more people are buying locally and thus supporting their local communities to thrive in these areas.

There are still so many unseen magical gems within Wales that promises to keep delivering high value returns on investments that both our UK and international investors simply love and keep returning for more. This is why we love south wales and why the property market continues to be hot for us. Come and check out some the investments that we have delivered throughout South Wales here.

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