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Tenant Quake – Incoming Changes In The Lettings Landscape

The world of lettings is changing and that means fear, worry and doubt for many landlords and lettings agents.This is where I sniff opportunities, changes mean advantages for the fastest movers, the quickest

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Can Buy To Let Investors Avoid Stamp Duty?

The answer according to a recent tax tribunal is unequivocally yes...partially!And this opens the door to refund requests being submitted to HMRC.If you purchased a Buy To Let home as an investment and

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Section 24 and landlords with Property in the U.K.

If you're a landlord and own a property or properties in your own name then you are about to get hit by a double whammy of new tax and legislation.The new ban on tenancy fees written by a government seemingly

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The Tenant Fee Ban & What does it mean for U.K. Property Landlords?

Dear Landlords and lettings agents,Just in case we gave the opinion that we cared we thought you should know that we don't and we're going to ban tenant fees from 1st June 2019.Yours,The GovernmentPartisanship

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