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Welcomewe source and manage high yield properties for investors all over the U.K. but with a particular focus on Swansea, here's why...

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Key Properties Uk Sources Properties for investors with great yields and multiple exit strategies.One of the standard methods we use[...]
Swansea Statistics
Wales is 8005.8 square miles and has a population of 3,063,456 people (as of 2011)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_Of_WalesOf which 241,300 of those live[...]
Business In Swansea
Swansea is served by some of the UK's largest and most prestigious businesses including government organisations such as the DVLA.Given[...]
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Swansea is not just a place that meets economic and property desirables for investment, it's also a desirable place to[...]
Capital Appreciation In Swansea
Most people overlook Wales as an area to invest in because they don't see the benefits of investing in the[...]

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We typically deliver our investors a Return On Capital Employed (R.O.C.E) of over 25% and even more with 4x leverage on the capital appreciation using our unique methodology

*Illustrative figures only, 25% refers to R.O.C.E. (Return On Capital Employed) full explanation below, please ask.

  • Locate A Property we can buy Below Market Value (BMV), add value to or both.
  • Calculate all costings including refurbishment, duties etc.
  • Refurbish to a high standard.
  • Sell for instant profit or...
  • Use the new value of the property to obtain a Buy To Let Mortgage against 75% of its new value, releasing almost all of the invested money back to you and giving you 25% equity in the property.
  • Rent out the property normally for a profit of over £250 per month after paying the mortgage and a lettings agent to manage it.
  • Within a short time, your full investment is paid off and you have a cash flowing asset that is rising in value.
  • Leveraged finance for capital gains.  If you own 25% of a property worth £100k and the value increases 12.5%, that £12,500 increase is all yours and turns your equity from £25k to £37.5k, an increase on your equity of 50% or 4 x leverage on the 12.5% property price increase.

Our unique method for growing your wealth is Illustrated below

How we calculate returns from our properties

Each of our properties passes stringent checks to ensure it's profitability, watch the video below to get a key understanding of our calculations and how they work.  All our calculations are open to you so you know exactly how we've come to our conclusions.

Return ranges

Each property comes with a worst and best case set of figures, presented to you in the format below for easy consumption.


£145k - £152k


39% - 59.1%


£21,553 – £28,553

Money Left In

£9,447 - £14,697

Months To 100% Return

20 - 31 Months

Here's a recent property of ours

If you would like to see examples of properties that we have completed on for the level of ROI and ROCE, please visit here.