Amenities In Swansea

Swansea is not just a place that meets economic and property desirables for investment, it's also a desirable place to live.

Swansea Bay in the summer

It is host to a long stretch of sandy beach, high class hotels, swimming and spa facilities, golf resorts and is a great location to explore the areas of outstanding natural beauty, The Gower and The Mumbles.

As a child I spent many summers in The Gower at Three Cliffs Bay camping and climbing the cliffs, I know well just what a beautiful area it is.

The 3 cliffs, just a short distance from Swansea

Major hotel chains often give an indication of an area because their placements are based on vast quantities of research, they don't just put them anywhere you know! ?

The Dragon Hotel in Swansea

The Mercure Hotel in Swansea

Swansea is also host to two of Wales' largest shopping centres.  

The Quadrant shopping centre, which contains 370,000 sq ft of retail space, last year attracted 16 million shoppers and has seen a number of new store openings in the period, and is currently fully let.


The Quadrant Shopping centre in Swansea

Morfa shopping park is a 246,000 square foot shopping park that was fully let in 2016 when it sold for £83.5m.

It is yet another example of Swansea being a thriving city.

The Morfa Park shopping centre in Swansea

Swansea is also home to the Wales national pool alongside a vast array of Spas and retreats.

The Wales National Pool in Swansea

Swansea university has recently invested millions in a brand new campus to increase its size and reach due to ever increasing demand.

The new Swansea University bay campus building.

The marina in Swansea is a vibrant area of restaurants, hotels and economic activity.

View east along beach from Meridian Quay Tower Maritime Quarter Swansea South Towns And Villages

The Liberty Stadium in the heart of Swansea hosts both the Ospreys rugby football club and Swansea city FC as well as hosting major concerts and events.

The Liberty Stadium in Swansea

Swansea is not just a city of a great size that is undervalued but is also a central hub of activity, vibrance, commerce and prosperity.  it has the attractions to bring in people from miles around both for business and for pleasure.

What do you think of the amenities in Swansea?  Did you know it was such a vibrant and thriving area?

Let us know by commenting below. ?

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Amenities In Swansea
Swansea is not just a place that meets economic and property desirables for investment, it's also a desirable place to[...]

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