Swansea Transport Links

Swansea is a major hub of Wales, it's 2nd city.

It's geography means that it is the only viable location to place a major distribution centre to cover West Wales because there are no closer cities with the workforce and transport links to serve the area, it is literally the only one.

Swansea train station

Companies such as Amazon have based themselves there because of the distribution, but it's not just the outgoing, it's also the incoming.

The west of Wales is host to some major oil refinery works and imports large quantities, to the East of Swansea a little way is Port Talbot and it's world famous steel works.

The Pembroke oil refinery

The famous Port Talbot steel works

The Port Talbot Banksy

Interestingly, as production has wound down in Port Talbot that has only increased the viability of Swansea as many people without work look to their nearest local cities for new employment opportunities.

The road and rail infrastructure to cope with these large industries is strong and well developed, and both pass directly through Swansea.

As you can see below, one of the UK's major rail routes passes directly through Swansea all the way to Pembroke Dock.

Swansea is a major location on one of the UK's mainline rail routes.

Swansea is also perfectly placed near the M4 with many commuters living on it's outskirts in areas such as Clase and major distribution centres being based on the A483 near Port Tennant which gives them direct links to not only the M4 but also the A465 which serves the south Wales valleys.

Swansea has multiple links to the M4.

As a transport hub Swansea is an excellent place to live in and commute from and to and meets the requirements we believe a place needs to help it grow into the future.

These links will help it weather economic storms and grow strongly during good years.

What do you think?  Have I got this right? 

Let me know your thoughts below.

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